Employee Highlights

  1. Foreign clients may have different work ethics and can terminate associates without prior notice. Understanding this is crucial before moving forward.
  2. Associates must refrain from discussing salary or job-related matters directly with the client. All communication regarding these matters should go through the Leapfrog team.
  3. Any questions about the operational tasks that the associate is responsible for that were assigned by the client, can be freely communicated with client.
  4. Associates will be addressed using a pseudo name for the ease of the clients.
  5. Associates must adhere to communication protocols when interacting with both the client and the Leapfrog team.
  6. Associates are to use their devices (phone, laptop) for work. The company will not be providing separate devices for work.
  7. Associates must use their own internet connection while working from home. The company does not provide an allowance for this.
  8. Leapfrog will provide the associate with a sim they can use for work, but it will be solely for activating business WhatsApp.
  9. Associate to create separate work Google accounts with their chosen pseudo-name.
  10. Associates must grasp the significance of the advice provided to them by the Leapfrog team, recognizing that it is intended for their benefit and to provide assistance.
  11. All negotiations between the client and associate must be conducted exclusively through Leapfrog INC, and personal deals are strictly prohibited.
  12. After the termination of a contract, associates are not permitted to contact the client.

Employee Terms

  1. You will be hired as a Consultant.
  2. A contract will be made ready for signing within the first 7 days of joining
  3. There will be a Probation Period Of Six Months.
  4. During the Consultancy Period you Will Not Be Eligible For EPF And ETF
  5. The client who you will be working for, can pull out at anytime and as a company we cannot guarantee your job security. If your performance is satisfactory they will continue to employ you as needed
  6. You will have to Use Your “Own” Laptop
  7. The laptop you use will have to be a minimum i3 with an HDMI port
  8. You will have to own a standard smart phone (Android or IOS or Windows)
  9. You will be expected to reply any SMS or WhatsApp or any other working texts from your smart phone.
  10. Company will give a SIM card and the SIM provided CANNOT be used for personal work or calls.
  11. You must have an Active Internet connection at home as this is a work from home opportunity .
  12. A token Data package will be added to your SIM. This is sufficient for emergency and mobile use only. However your main office work has to be done via your home net connection.
  13. The company will not pay your home internet connection charges
  14. As part of your work a software www.hubstaff.com will be installed in your laptop which will monitor the time and performance of work. This has to be used when you are online and working
  15. For the first few weeks until you settle down you will be required to send a daily summary email of the work done to a specific email address which will be advised.
  16. Strictly no freelancing work can be done after you join the company.
  17. In case your resign without working for six month we will not be obligated to give a service letter but will be given only after due considerations
  18. You cannot work with any other company while you are working for us even in the form of internships or training’s. In the event you need to work for academic purposes you need to get prior permission.
  19. You cannot update websites like LINKENDIN or other any Social Media Sites with SPECIFIC company information such as work or projects or clients etc. However you can update Linked with your new position and company details
  20. You cannot recommend other LINKENDIN associates using the company designation on LINKENDIN or similar platforms
  21. You cannot contact the client to discuss salary directly. All matters regarding salary must be discussed with the Leapfrog Team
  22. There can be no private deals made between you and the client. It can only be through Leapfrog.
  23. Your contract has a NDA section. You have to strictly honor it
  24. You cannot discuss salary details with anyone expect the CEO (Direct local authority)
  25. The company does not tolerate any racist or political or radical behaviors within or outside office by it’s employees. As such every employee has to maintain the highest of ethical decorum.


Any clarifications please do not hesitate to ask us back.

Outsource Employment Clarification

Dear Associate,

We are glad that you are interested in pursuing the remote working opportunity with one of our Globally Recognized Clientele based overseas.

It is imperative that as an Outsourcing Company & before we can finalize the offer, we provide you with important information about your employment. This outlines the basic terms of your employment, but it is not intended to be a comprehensive contract.

** We urge you to NOT RUSH but Carefully Read & Understand the points stated below**

Your final employment agreement will include all of the terms and conditions of your employment.

  1. Employment Relationship: We want to make it clear that we reserve the right to terminate your employment at any time, with or without cause.
  2. Employment Type: Your contract/s will be on a Consultancy basis and not as a Permanent employee.
  3. Benefits: You will not be eligible for benefits at this time. Your compensation will be outlined in a manner to cover all work expenses.
  4. Work Schedule: We also want to emphasize that this position may require long hours of work and occasional work on weekends. As a remote working employee, you will need to be flexible and able to adjust your work schedule as needed to meet the demands of the job. Your working hours will be 9 hours per day but your work schedule will run on the UTC/GMT time scale. While we will make every effort to provide you with a reasonable work schedule, there may be times when you are required to work outside of normal business hours. This could include working during evenings, weekends, or public holidays.
  5. Confidentiality and Non-Disclosure: You will be required to sign a separate confidentiality and non-disclosure agreement to protect our company’s confidential information.
  6. Background Check: Based on the client’s requirement your employment needs to be contingent upon successfully passing a background check. This includes a social background check and verification of your employment history and education.


General but VERY IMPORTANT POINTS to take note of while you seriously consider this remote working opportunity:

  • Job Motivation: As a remote employee, it’s important to stay motivated and engaged in your work, even when you’re working independently. By setting clear goals and prioritizing your tasks effectively, you can ensure that you’re making meaningful progress toward your objectives and contributing to the success of the team. We will ensure to have weekly catch-up calls and you can share your feedback.
  • Job Seriousness: Just because you are working remotely doesn’t mean your job is any less important. We need to emphasize the need for you to take your job seriously and to treat it with the same level of professionalism & respect as with any regular job in an office environment.
  • Time Management: Working remotely requires strong time management skills. We encourage you to establish a routine, set boundaries between work and personal time and prioritize your tasks effectively.
  • Communication: Communication is key in a remote work environment. Hence we need to emphasize the importance of clear and timely communication, especially in critical times of absence or sudden unavailability both with the client and our office.


Last but not least, our past associates whom we have engaged in a similar model, have excelled in their positions, and our Overseas clientele value hard work and appreciate all the efforts put in.